Enabling New Therapeutic Pathways by Targeting the Extracellular Matrix

Symic Bio is a biopharmaceutical company developing a new category of therapeutics focused on matrix biology. The (extracellular) matrix is the non-cellular component of the body’s tissues and can be envisioned as a sponge-like environment surrounding the cells of a tissue. In this environment, cells proliferate, migrate and differentiate. Research in recent decades has demonstrated the biological importance of the interactive and dynamic relationship between cells and their matrix environment. The Symic Bio platform of matrix-targeting biotherapeutics builds upon this research. These therapeutics, inspired by naturally occurring macromolecules of the matrix called proteoglycans, bind to targets in the matrix damaged in response to injury or because of disease. They are designed to inhibit pathological inflammatory responses and to affect matrix degradation and structure.

Symic Bio’s matrix-targeting biotherapeutics enable new ways to affect disease and healing processes across a wide variety of disease areas. Symic Bio currently has two clinical candidates: SB-030, for peripheral vascular disease, and SB-061, for disease modification and pain management in the treatment of osteoarthritis. In addition, Symic Bio is investigating applications in the areas of fibrosis and oncology.