What is it like to work at Symic Bio?

“The people here are driven and very friendly. We work well as a team and we share a purposeful, ‘let’s get this done’ approach. It’s particularly rewarding to see our time and effort pay off in terms of tangible clinical progress.”
– Julia Chen, Senior Scientist
“I’m particularly grateful for the opportunities to develop leadership skills. I joined the company early in my career and was soon able to take charge as the chemistry lead on a project team.”
– Elvis Ikwa, Research Associate
“Every individual has a voice at Symic Bio. When I suggested that we add knowledge-sharing presentations to our weekly lunch events, the CEO was receptive and we started a regular ‘lunch and learn’ series the next week.”
– Grace Wong-Sarad, Vice President, Controller

What is distinctive about the Symic Bio organization?

“Symic Bio is powered by people who enjoy what they're doing. As a result, there's mutual respect, open communication and we try to have fun whenever we can.”
– Rinko Ghosh, President and Chief Business Officer